The final days before I leave on a jet plane for lands totally foreign to me.Packing has been quite a challenge as I typically pack a bikini, board shorts, running clothes and my surfboard. The Himalayas don’t require a bikini. My running clothes will be sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt so that I am not stared at.My bag will  contain spirulina, hemp protein powder, probiotics along with numerous concoctions of pharmaceuticals to care for me in the event I get sick(which my travel doctor says is inevitable) thanks Doc!!my down sleeping bag, hiking poles and water purifying kit for the trek to Everest Base Camp, this IPad…which by the way has been my biggest challenge for this trip thus far. I have(dont worry Mom and Dad) registered with the State Department,updated my passport and purchased an IPhone(which probably wont work in the valley of the Himalayas anyway)My heart is full of curiosity….and gratitude for the opportunity that lies ahead of me.

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