High above Singapore

I am exhausted yet filled with this sense that something transformative is about to happened. I just finished reading behind the Beautiful Forevers. A haunting true story about life in the slums of Mumbai . I think what this story has done is increased the search within myself for the truth. Why? Because I believe we live in this sweet rendition of life and our denial about reality and what truly lies at the heart of life is so much more than what we in the west have interpreted to be our purpose. I think I hope to write a book. And then to write another. Lately driving early morning to town to get my five dollar soy latte I am struck by the poverty in my own city. People huddled in doorways, wrapped in black trash bags, dirty, soiled clothes on their backs. And I. I drive by. I let the tears flow, almost every time but beyond that I simply pray, afraid to truly see.We need, I need to act on the massive inequalities that I see and I know when I land in katmandhu that the journey will suddenly intensify.i think all of our journeys, all the paths we wander, the lives we intermingle with, the loves , hopes, pains all are preparing us for what we are meant to be. For what we are meant to dedicate the rest of our lives to.

2 thoughts on “High above Singapore

  1. Beautiful reflection, Laura. You are so right about truth and interpretation. You are so right that inequalities and culture and humanity are where we look and then see them; and, sometimes they're right in front of us! Thank you for your thoughts. I hope you do write a book!

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