Wanderings through Kathmandu

Like a slow moving river, my thoughts meander through my awareness.This city so vast and varied. Garbage lies everywhere. We fed the homeless last night.It was truly one of the most intense things I have ever done. These people mainly children and men were so hungry they were pushing and shoving to reach the food. Their hunger radiated from the depths of their being. They were so very dirty. They were so very sad. The men reeked of alcohol. The children…some of them had white substance surrounding their mouth and nose, remnants of glue sniffing they do to mask the hunger pains.A little girl around 7 or 8 (hard to tell their ages as their growth seems to be slightly stunted because of the hunger) whose hair is totally matted, I couldn’t tell the color as it could have just been dirty. Her red dress tattered and torn. Her smile cautious and angry. I saw a group of the children that seemed to run around together. There were 3 or 4 older boys, 2 girls and a very young boy of 3 or 4. The older boys had large plastic bags full of garbage ( they were going to sell it) the youngest boy wanted to go with them…it was night time, Durbar Square was packed with people. The older boys didn’t want the younger to join them..they sent him back but they wouldn’t leave until they made sure he reached the girls…then they went on their way.The love they felt for each other was so evident. They were family and they watched out for each other. It absolutely broke my heart. The children were allowed to be at the front of the line for food. A young girl who walked on her elbows because she had no legs was at the front. A street child, with no legs, in the line to get food. It makes my heartbreak to relive this as I write it.
We traveled to see Bodnath, the largest Stupa in Nepal. It is a Buddhist site, a World Unesco Site. Walking into the entrance a feeling of grounding and supreme lightness of being entered my consciousness. I was able to be there and connect with this place in me that is enabling me to be here..in this place…and not come running home.
I helped some new friends in an orphanage today. There are 10 children. All outcasts. One young boy was found in a river. Another child age 5 looked like she was 2, so severely malnourished, yet….a smile on her face every time I glanced her way, dressed in a beautiful pink dress fit for the princess she was.Their need for something as simple as touch reminded me what life was truly about.
I will be leaving Kathmandu in a few days. I got a severe infection from the air quality. I can’t even run. I am going to a placement 10 hours from here. I will keep you posted. For now though, I will work in an orphanage helping with homework, reading, playing and loving these beautiful children of God.

6 thoughts on “Wanderings through Kathmandu

  1. Great expressive writing..makes me feel like I am there!
    A comment…your pictures are great…but when we click on them..they do not get any bigger…so we can't see them so well…maybe you can find a way to make them bigger?

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