and still they smile….

Once again words fail to describe what I want to share…I will try my best. Yesterday I helped at a small orphanage near where I am staying. There are ten children, ranging in ages from 2-14. One child was rescued from a trash bin. Another was found in the river. Others witnessed their father killing their mother and then himself. And still, the children smile. I spent my 3 hours with a young girl, 5 years of age. She was the size of a 2 year old, maybe. She was so trusting and was constantly smiling. She fell asleep on my lap while practicing the abc’s. I was in heaven.This little angel at peace with the world.We sat this way for about 15 minutes until I felt a warm sensation on my legs. She, in a deep slumber peed on me!!!!!!The other child I worked with was a 12 year old…we were working on her English skills as this week is testing week.We had so much fun. The problem of course is that though they are learning to spell words, they don’t know what they mean…..we played and studied on the floor. The orphanage is run by a couple who out of the kindness of their heart decided they wanted to help the children of Nepal. The need is immense. There are so many orphans….so so many. And still, the children smile.
I awoke early to travel to the Home for the elderly which Mother Teresa started about 60 years ago. It is a government run facility. I was to massage gently and have conversation with the people. The home holds 250 Elderly.The Sisters who run the place take care of 35 who are unable to care for selves. I was a little apprehensive, but I figured I had spent time with elderly before….walking through the front gate which borders Pashaputi whereby they hold cremation ceremonies I thought to self, all will be good. The people in the front courtyard were all smiles and everyone I addressed with Namaste and held their hands. This is good. Well, the sisters disappeared behind another wall and beckoned me forward. I don’t understand how someone can leave their parent in a place such as this. My duties were to clean beds, wash dirty clothes, wash floors and feed the people. None of them were able to converse, many needed assistance to move, some never left their beds. They were all outcasts from their families. They were literally dumped off. The place smelled horrifically. I was screaming to self that I would not be able to handle the situation. The flies were in the thousands. But I stayed. I fed them. I held their hands, and they too smiled………..Blessed be these people

One thought on “and still they smile….

  1. I learn much this morning from those smiling little girls and the story you tell, Laura. You are bringing a piece of heaven to them because of your bravery, your curiosity, your fortitude, and your compassion. Unforgettable… love and respect

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