i am listening…

i have always loved a mountain trail….i have also always tried to listen to that inner voice…of course..most of the time..i cant hear it..but this time..i listened……
something told me it was time to glance away from the ocean and see what the mountains may hold…i did…and it was magical..
the towering peaks,the expansive valleys, the clear, cold waters of the lakes and streams..the multitude of stars..and the serenity of each and every moment…ahhhhhh..life….and of course there is that connection…with self and the greater universe..
i decided to spend some savings and purchase some ultra-light gear…then i decided to learn how to read a map, understand the nature of lightening , the quirks of a rattler…and the zany and oftentimes scary antics of the bear….i practiced setting up my tent and starting my camp stove in the comfort of my home… i started up the dehydrater and experimented with different foods, and then i picked a trail and destination out of Desolation Wilderness as i had wandered about many of those trails before…
i spent two nights alone in the back-country….i loved each and every moment…i will be starting out in about a week to thru-hike the John Muir Trail….it wanders from the valley of Yosemite to the peak of Mt Whitney….220 miles..and i will go alone…however..i have already met so many cool people…and hopefully our paths will cross on the trail….
i believe there is much more to this life than i know…and i am curious…my heart is open…my mind is eager to learn….and i am re-invigorated for life…and this new path
i will attempt to bring some of the trail to you….with love


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