on my own for the first time…aloha lakes


prior to the JMT….

my journey into Desolation Wilderness was inspiring in so many ways for me…the crisp cool evenings….the way the sun rose over the mountains in the early morning hours…the blowing of the wind against my tent in the wee hours of the morning…all intensifying my relationship with the natural world…every corner i turned….every time i glanced up…i was in awe…there is so much outside of the concrete jungles in which we live….
somehow we get stuck in these voids and forget that
perhaps..there is more..
so we venture out…
the colors so much more vivid..the blues and greens, the oranges and yellows..spectacular array of reality
we breathe and give thanks…
the physical is tough..the mental..even tougher..but we persevere..because we can..and this is liberating…its just between you and the natural world…it is simply awesome

this tree on this island in the middle of aloha lakes…it signifies our lives
standing alone…on a very small fragment of the potential ….
when all around us the splendor of life surrounds our bubble in which we settle…
all we have to do is burst the bubble and dive into life….
taking the plunge into the magnitude of what life can be..instead of accepting that it is
only that ground in which we try and balance…it is so much more

the mountains are calling…
i must go

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