En route to Los Perros "the shitty campsite"

Our new friend Lee  from Switzerland had informed us out next campsite would be really “shitty”… It was hard for us to believe … The hike was magnificent.. Thru magical forests with tiny little societies of miniature ferns  of every shade of green imaginable, and petite white orchids,yellow pansies and plants sprouting up on rocks and nestled in hollowed out logs, and bases of towering trees.. Mystical yumminess!!! I loved it.. Every turn brought gasps of delight!! The ice fields burst  forth in hues of blues , greens and combinations of the two..the far off views were beyond stunning.. The weather had turned quite moist and our tired bodies were praying Lee was wrong… We were so extremely disappointed.. The campsite was wet.., muddy,dirty and dark .. We immediately went to the shelter to drop off our cooking supplies.. The corrugated roof was leaking.. The wood burning stove was filled with trash.. It was filth.. And we were tired.. The scanty shop had run out of beer .. It seems others were as disappointed as we were and indulged..I got into my tent at 6:30 pm.. Wanting to sleep and begin a new  day.. I prayed for a sun filled morning .. It rained.. all night… Into the morning.. Our spirits quite dampened,we prepared for what would turn out to be … A glorious day.

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