I felt the spirit of my dear friend Zeufie today and I wondered if she had left this life.. I felt her energy in the strong winds… I felt her strength in the majesty of the mountains..I felt her beauty in the formation if the clouds and as the rainbow filled the sky. I was certain my friend was gone…

It was a very long hiking day..we walked through a corridor if wild daisies lining the pathway .. Our first experience with the strength if the infamous winds as my sunglasses were whipped away from my face and disappeared in the wind..we walked through beautiful meadows .. I spotted a big bunny.. Truly.. He ran instead if hopped.. His ears flopped in the wind …we camped in a lively meadow of Campo Seron.. We were greeted by a beautiful Chilean man… We set up tent.. Had a delicious chilled beer.. Beer tastes so damn good after a long day..there gave been lots of folks in the campgrounds but the trails have been quiet..you must camp in designated spots in Torres which I grew to appreciate.. It has kept the wilderness pristine ..I do love being the first one up in the morning.. The jetboil works so quickly.. I have my steaming hit coffee within moments if arising..and then.. I sit .. I contemplate.. I write.. I pray ..

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