The last 2 days in Torres Del Paine

We left Lago Grey not as full of energy as we had hoped .. We were all kind of dragging. The winds were more consistent than they had been earlier on.The clouds continued to create vivid fast moving scenes in the skies. Absolutely stunning…. All of it.. The skies , the peaks and glaciers, the tiny communities of plants, the ever changing landscapes… I am captivated .. Thoroughly… Campo Italiano was quite crowded…. Went to sleep after a great conversation with nancy … I continue to be very excited about the PCT… We all arose early to hike up Frances Valley.. It was  lovely, the glaciers majestically towering above and below.. Again though I felt tired …

From Campo Italiano we headed towards Los  Cuernos…At one point we walked along a beautiful wintergreen colored lake  with a lovely shore of beach pebbles… The winds were ferocious at this point and the hiking was slow … Upon arrival at Los Cuernos.. A sweet little Refugio overlooking the lake.. We decided to spend the night in the hostel..It appeared to be a good choice as the winds came howling through so strong that tents were flying away and poles bring snapped in two.. We had a great dinner in the Refugio meeting more great folks… Farad from Israel and I struck up a nice conversation about life and the importance of living with passion and not letting life pass you by…

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