Embracing the wind… Our last day inTorres

We had heard about the winds… We had experienced some windy days and nights… But on our last day we got the challenge of pushing through the strongest winds any of us had ever met. Winds that stop you in your tracks… Wind that pushes you totally off the trail.. Wind that even knocks you down .. The condors overhead gliding… Gracefully… suspended in motion …these kind of winds allow all thought to be thoroughly released from mind .. The winds so powerful and mighty cleansing the un-necessary and leaving a raw self… I learned on this journey to embrace the wind .. It is such a gift…

The hiking out was very slow… It became very wet and cold and this we also felt gratitude for.. To travel to Patagonia and experience only blue sunshine days… Well we would have felt as if we were denied the true spirit of these mountains…
The bus journey back to Puerto Natales was a bit difficult . We were sad to be leaving these mountains and the harsh reality of life slapped us in the face as we learned of Nancy’s father passing away.
Life. What a journey . When the mountains call though.. I will always heed her beckoning…

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