My Fitzroy Argentina

Ok… So I meant to type Mt Fitzroy… But My Fitzroy magically appeared .. I let it stand . I loved this mountain. I have not quite figured it out .. But perhaps I don’t need to.. It captivated me . Simply captivated me. He stands majestically over all others. A beacon of strength .. Of that which can and will be. I felt great energy from him and feel a bit possessed  by his magnificence. Such raw beauty and power….

The trails up to, around, and away from we’re not as crowded.. It was magical..some of the trails weren’t maintained .. It was adventure.. We scrambled up gigantic boulders to get closer to Piedras Blanca.. A glorious glacier en route to Fitzroy.. We followed old trails the ranger told us weren’t in existence.. We re-created them.. The campsite was crowded … But we didn’t see folks on the trail .. It was amazing. I felt as if the puma was watching us… We saw her scat on the trail and I know she was watching us and letting us pass by…
We ventured up to the base of a climbers
Camp.. A sweet little Refugio nestled along a stream amongst the grandeur of the towering peaks .. A respite from the cold .. Hot Argentinian coffee.. Sweet little home made cookies… Ahhh life
We climbed up to Fitzroy twice .. Once in the evening… Again at wasn’t an easy climb.. My body feeling the effects of the stairs.. The instability of the soil… The scree… But all if it, the back pain diminished as I set my eyes on the scene unfolding. As the sun rose and cast her colors on Fitzroy the internal emotion wept with joy…such beauty… Inhaling all that was in those moments.. I saw my life.. And I felt a blessing wash through me…I am exactly where I should be..
Leaving … We couldn’t help but look back hundreds of times.. It was hard to leave that special place.. It stands above and beyond all the other mountain peaks I have seen . I have immense gratitude.. I have immense  love to share.. this life .. Blessed be

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