Bring on the storms…

We trekked up to Refugio Frey I the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It was a nice trek up. The trail a bit dusty but the cathedral spires jutting upward toward the skies were a sight to behold. It was difficult not to keep glancing upward trying to decipher figures created by Gods hands in the rock formations. What a delightful Refugio. Nestled along a lake with spires surrounding … My favorite campsite thus far. We arrived early and setup our tents . The winds were howling. After double, triple and even quadruple checking the security if my tent I sat to eat lunch and ponder with amazement the rock climbers and their agile movements across the face of the rocks. Being that it was Christmas we decided to join the Refugio for dinner. We shared food with Brazilians, Welch, Argentinians, Swiss and a mixture of those of us from the states.. It was a joyous celebration with wine,food and conversation. The night brought on the storm . Rains and winds . Howling through the campsite all night and into the morning . I arose early as I felt my tent may collapse at any moment. I wanted to be ready. I packed everything up except for my tent and made my way to the security if the solid rock walls of theRefugio… Curious what the day may bring…so grateful to be here…and not in the city where we had spent the night before.. The elements of nature fill me with wonder and peace. Such a teacher is Mother Nature…

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