Our first day…

We boarded a bus in PuertoNatales for a 3 hour bus ride into the park..we saw our first condors.. Beauty in motion amongst the skies.. Gliding so gracefully.. Wingspan 6′ or more .. Juanacos roamed the mountainsides.. Grazing.. We were enchanted before exiting the bus . Our first trek was only 4 or 5 miles. The splendor of Patagonia was gently infusing herself within my being. Life is so much simpler on the trail.. Walk .. Inhale.. Breathe.. Feel the power within.. So cool

..after setting up our tents( I was a little frustrated..) After 4 tries I was satisfied…
I do love my new Tarptent.. It feels sturdy and roomy…we decided to climb up to the Torres to see how the afternoon looked upon the ” blue towers”.. It was a bit of a strenuous hour up to the majestic towers .. Entranced we sat for an hour…condors flying overhead.. The blue green waters reflecting the towers..feeling absolute contentment … Back at the campground others readied themselves to rise early to see the sunrise over the Torres del Paine..we too prepared .. I , being the early riser was in charge of making sure we all rise in time…our first night… A goodnight..

Refugio Dickson…

What a cool spot.. In a meadow …we pitched our tents…over the rise is a beautiful lake with a blue green glacier hovering in the distance. We have met some awesome folks that we are sharing Astral Patagonia Ale, boxed  Chilean wine and stories with…as we were talking story a fox wandered into camp … I had never seen one before .. His tail so bushy .. such a sweet little guy!!! This has been such a great journey this far..I feel cozy warm in my mountain home !!!Once again I woke before all others… Stayed in bed as I sparked my jetboil and indulged in  steaming hot camp coffee!! Decided to have breakfast at the Refugio .. The scrambled eggs and homemade toast with butter( so yummy) and marmalade beat my cereal … Shared breakfast with a delightful couple from Spain.. Made me long for a partner to explore the trails with.. But I know he is out there … Fresh,clean air permeates the meadow after the nighttime rains. The blades of grass glistening in the early morning … Mist rises over the lake giving it a mystical feeling..mother nature warming my soul.The mist,her fingers reaching and gently caressing the mountains face..


On my flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles I was graced with the presence of this sweet man. He is 84 years old and just celebrated his birthday .. He is from the Philippines.. He learned how to ski at age 70.. He learned how to play tennis at age 60.. He is now learning to play the violin … ..he has organized many clubs for senior citizens.. He just learned how to play golf.. He told me I was super woman for living the lifestyle I lived.. It was such a joy to spend time with him…

I am on my way!!!

I love the trail……Tomorrow I will be on
a plane for another adventure!!!
A friend and I will be hiking the trails
of Patagonia. We have one planned hike,
the first  of many, Torres Del Paine…approximately
8-10 days on the trail…From there..hopefully locals and other hikers will point us in the direction of miles of wilderness…if not…we will find it ourselves!!
We are told it gets very windy..chilly and often times rainy..
but…a trail beckons….
Excitement fills my being…anticipation of the journey brings a smile
Our packs are ready to go..We will purchase our food upon arrival as
we are told the Chilean Government doesnt allow many foodstuffs to enter..
Who knows what are meals will be…part of the journey!!!
I am told the mountains are like no other….
whoohoooooo…we are on our way