Each moment…important…Every step precisely set…What a journey. For me.. Intense day..Concentration being key.. It was an expansive day. All directions.. Life. This section of our trek has been a learning experience. The absolute importance of bring Climbing over big boulders surrounded by loose shale didn’t lend towards a stable climb upwards.My heart continually pounding and reminding me of the gift I was living. at the top of what I thought was the top every time  a new top appeared !!!heart pounding.. Breathing heavy .. And another mountain to climb.. The top wasn’t well marked.. After careful deliberation.. Consulting maps and guide books we made our way… The thrill of new discovery ..because of the heavy rains the night before we were blessed with a damp trail which compacted the extremely loose rock and shale a bit . It didn’t help immensly with the fear factor but I believe it saved us from slipping..the mental component of this section was huge..the mountains were steep.. Very steep and the trail was poorly defined..challenging.. continually evaluating each step .. reaching the last rise before the descent into Lago Jakob.. The rump of Tronador loomed in the distance…We had just finished an intense ascent over major boulders to reach this view…  breath taking in so many  ways… the winds were strong though and Refugio Jakob was beckoning to us way down the mountain… the journey downward slow but we finally reached our destination.. at first we were dismayed.. The campsites seemed less than desirable. we decided to indulge on a cold one and reassess the situation.. It looked much better .. actually turned out to be a favorite campsite .. we shared wine and story that night with an awesome mountaineering couple from Belgium. I loved spending time with them… They were so high on life ..someday I too will find a man to share the trails with… for now I can be stoked for this lifestyle …

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