Step by step I walk

The journey begins. From the very first step onto the PCT I was stoked. From a group of about thirty we broke off into a group of 7 or 8. Our core group is Atlas, Jason, WhyNot , poco loco. Willow. Pink panther, Kirby and myself, Grasshopper. Winding our way from the border to Lake Morena, whereby we joined probably fifty others at the campground, onto Cibbets Flat where we had awesome trail magic by Kirby’s boyfriend who I named TAJ ( trail angel Justin) and up to Mt Laguna. I am alive. Life pulses thru my veins with a new energy . Trail energy. It’s a different life out here and I love it. It has been cold at night. Really cold. Frost on our tents. Small patches of snow along the trail. Steam arising from our bodies in the early morning. The flowers have been blooming because of the late rains and they brighten up the trail. The expansive views remind me of the enormous potential in life.
It has been crazy to me how accessible we are out here . I mean, cell service has been readily available. I didn’t expect it. I don’t know how much I like it, because if it’s there I find myself plugging in. I am sure though it will change soon.
We have met a number of cool and interesting folks. One young man named Dustin had recently been released from prison . Scruffy red beard and beautiful smile he shared some of his story. He was involved in the world of meth. After serving some years he was released to walk the trail and spread the word to school children about the horrendous world of drug use. He is a lovely young man and I wish him success in his new found place in the world .
My body is doing well. No blisters yet, though my little toes are a little stressed. Wishing I brought my ” toe rubbers” little individual toe sleeves to protect what nail I have from turning black and falling off . I have been sleeping not all that well. I look forward to cowboy camping and watching the stars pass by. But big sleep isn’t needed out here for me .
We are splitting up today into a couple smaller groups. WhyNot, Atlas and I are yearning for a hot breakfast as WhyNot and I don’t have stoves so we are waiting for the cafe to open. Then once again we walk.
With love.


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