Layers of life


I love the trail.
The layers of life enfolding in front of me. I walked alone for awhile after leaving sunrise. I find I like to be at the back of the pack. I enjoy the moments of solitude. I enjoy reflecting on my life. Glancing out looking at the layers of the mountains I contemplate the layers of my life . There is so much to me. There is so much to look at where I have been. I walk and I give thanks.
Two crows have been following us for a number of days. The dance with the wind and it is mesmerizing to watch them. They bring me simple joy.
We slept under the stars. It was magical. The galaxies passing by. Once again I didn’t want to sleep . The show continued on. I would start to drift into sweet sleep and glance at the skies and force my eyes to settle into the intensity of the sky above.
I have met some super great people . Dave Super at Laguna Mountain Sports is an amazing man and truly supportive of the trail community. We are blessed to know him . I met Jessica Ford.. a facebook friend . It was so awesome to meet her in person.Blue Moon and Shock Top brought cold drinks and sodas .. Amazing folks out here.
WhyNot and I were walking a trail and we ran into two young boys. They asked us if we were through hikers. We proclaimed yes we were. They were in awe. They said we were living their dream. They said all that we can offer you us our words of encouragement. It was so sweet!
Today we walked through a portion of the desert. It was very hot. But our bodies pushed through. The desert flowers were blooming . We had continual trail magic by a guy I named TAJ. He is the boyfriend of
Kirby. He is an angel.
There are a lot of people on the trail already. But I find I am able to contemplate and receive the teachings that nature has to offer. I feel so blessed.
With love.. I walk on.


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