Two crows


What an amazing journey it’s been. Yesterday we headed up over the San Felipe mountains. Another lesson from Mother Nature. Gazing up at the Felipe’s the day before they looked dry , hot and desolate. I truly was not looking forward to the next day.
We awoke earlier than normal after spending the night in Julian. We barely made the pie!! But Atlas and I shared a piece of crumble , hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous.
We began up the San Felipe’s. WhyNot and I fell behind the pack and took in the beauty of the desert. The lesson. From afar I was not interested. It looked like a long dry section. Once I tasted a bit of the mountain I was entranced . The way the sun hit the ocotillo was breathtaking. The way we rounded a corner and stopped in absolute amazement at the cactus gardens naturally growing along the trail. Such a lesson in judging a book by its cover. Of course we all know the harm in doing that but I breathed in the lessons and gave thanks.
There were two crows following us from day 3. We were hiking out of Cibbetts flat and we noticed their grace in flight. I gazed at the sky today and flying over and landing on eagle rock were the two crows . We have seen them every day. As you may remember I was questioning whether the crow was one of my spirit guides. I believe yes. The messages are not clear yet, but I know I will hear them soon.
Walking down the trail alone is so peaceful. I love walking with my friends but those moments alone are precious. I am slowly cleaning the cobwebs from my mind. I feel lighter than I have felt on a long time.
Yesterday we hiked a long, hot 24 miles. At the end if the day we crossed the 100 mile mark!! It was a exulting moment. We were stoked!!!
With love.. I walk on


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