Inhaling the strength of the trail


We camped at a trailhead last night on the Anzo Borego Desert. It was sooo cool!! The evening sky so vast. The stars twinkled like diamonds in the sky.
The hike out of Nance Canyon wiped me out . The problem of course was my mind . I was dehydrated a bit from the day before . Two liters for 18 miles in the hot, hot sun was simply not enough. I was parched. So once we hit Nance Canyon again with only two liters I was dry … And questioning my bad planning. This in turn made me question myself.
I have to get that stinkin thinkin in check!
My body is getting stronger every day. I look at the mountains, the plants and all living around me and I inhale their strength. My only physical issue has been my big toe. It was continually throbbing. I called Tatu Joe and asked his advise. He said to stick a needle under the toe and drain it. Of course this didn’t appeal to me all that much, but I needed to remedy the situation. It worked ! Warner Springs a Monte let me soak my feet in Epsom salts then he applied oils and salves. I taped them up and removed the tape today. Black and blue nail, but no more pain!!!
We had a short ten mile walk into Paradise cafe. I met Randy Welch whom I became friends with on FB . It was fun once again to meet someone in person. Our conversation around the table was how to deal with the closure. The highway is to sketchy and none of us wanted to risk it. My thought was hold off until Kick Off and see what our choices will be at that time.
Now the crazy repackaging , washing of body and clothes, rehydrating and eating. Hopefully some good rest.
I love this journey .
I walk on, with love


6 thoughts on “Inhaling the strength of the trail

    1. mojubee

      The hike up San Felipe was hot. I ran out if water. Ever since there has been available water. Although we have been planning our daily mikes based on water. When we went through idyllwild there was not an alternate route. I am planning on waiting until kick off to see if they have come up with something! Be well

  1. Don’t worry about the “stinkin’ thinkin’!” It’s what we humans do; think, think, think.The next moment is another opportunity to come back to the present. You’re a brave soul, your friends are proud of you!

  2. Erica

    We camped in Anza Borego Desert several times when we were kids, and I remember it. It was desert beauty, and we had really fun family times there. Of course car camping with 4 people and camping gear for several months at a time in the summer in a VW squareback had its challenges.

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