Sparkles, love and boulders


A beautiful walk today. Although I must say, everyday has been a beautiful walk. Today the trail was meandering through wise , old oak trees, along a sweet little creek, and climbed up and up through the most amazing peach colored boulders.
For the longest time the trail was covered with sparkly little crystals. It was quite lovely.
Love bloomed today, and love
changed.A couple we have hiked with decided to change their relationship.One was hiking on, the other had to go home. They say the trail changes people. But their love was still apparent. But the lesson of impermanence appeared
once again . The ever changing realities of life. I felt their love. I felt their loss. I felt their realization of the ever changing fabric of our lives.
The boulders so strong in their presence . How long have they been here? How long will they remain?
The trail wound it’s way up and down and around. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was strenuous but I love the sweat. I love the walk. I love the lessons.
We are at a home along the trail . We are cowboy camping, but it feels as if a storm is brewing. It will be what it will be. It is as it is. I enjoy the spontaneity of this journey.
With love, I walk



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