Zeros, lunar eclipse , and pushing through


I was feeling quite conflicted about taking a zero. I came out here to hike. To be away from traffic, coffee houses and pizza parlors. When we realized we couldn’t hike thru the closure the decision was made to zero in Idyllwild. I wanted to stay with my tribe. I did not however want to take a day off. I contemplated it and decided I would go on. First however I spoke to WhyNot?! And asked her to talk with me about the PCT. She made me realize that the towns, the trail angels , the rest days, are all a part of the experience. I chose to embrace the moments as they occurred. It was a good decision.
We left Idyllwild around 6:30 am. We began hiking up. It was a good climb. I got a really bad nose bleed. I stopped. I rested. I tried to push through it but it wouldn’t stop. I gave in and fell back. I started stressing. I let my mind interfere with my serenity . I was feeling insecure for some reason. I continued up. My head down. Feeling a little down. I rounded a corner, I looked up, the most beautiful, expansive view opened up in front of me. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the moment. I let go of all the petty insecurities and realized what was truly important.
The walk was fabulous. The views spectacular. The sky the bluest blue. The boulders a snow speckled gray. Trees , shrubs and plants all the various hues of green. I was walking hard. Pushing my body . If felt so good.
We set up camp on the side of the trail down a sandy hillside. We set up for viewing of the eclipse. How magical it was! The moon so bright. The stars dancing in the skies. Such an easy, peaceful feeling washed over me.
The next day we hiked downhill . Switchback after switchback. It was hot. I drank 4 liters if water in 15 miles .
Satisfied after a god day of hiking. The next few will be hot. Waterless in areas. Long days . This is what I came for. Pushing myself through limits I gave imposed on myself . I love this journey.
With love
I walk on


5 thoughts on “Zeros, lunar eclipse , and pushing through

  1. Christopher "iPod" Condap

    Good call sticking with your group. Some people are fiercely independent to the point of being anti-social, but I think “other hikers” are the best parts of the trail. 🙂

    Good luck going up Mission Creek. It was one of the hottest days for me in 2012.

    And take another zero in Big Bear! Stay at the hostel, they’ll pick you up. (909) 866-8900

  2. John Biondi

    Hi Laura, what does Zeros mean. Your having quite an experience. We are having a lot of rain and wind. The West Maui mountains look like they are covered with green felt. Take care love, dad

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