Gratitude Revisited


Ziggy and the Bear provided us with coffee and cereal….we were on our way at 5:30am. Amazing trail angels. Their love for the hikers was so evident. They greeted us with foot baths and ice cold bottles of Gatorade .It was kind of surreal winding our way up the mountain thru the wind farm. The moon hanging out behind us, the sun soon to rise. I loved beginning my day this way. I love having to dig deep to find the strength to take another step as we continued to climb. It was warm as soon as the sun peaked her head up over the horizon. My body was tired , yet it was feeling really strong. Each day , a little stronger. At times though… as the sun was beating down upon me , I questioned myself. Can I do this? Can I truly complete this adventure. As I near the top of the climb, I realize yes. Yes, I can do it. But it will take strength. The kind of strength that overrides the chatter of the mind. Found a sweet campsite alongside a water source, it was so lovely to bathe in the stream. I didn’t sleep so well, body aching. But as the sun arose I was again ready to hit the trail. The hardest day for me. Both physically and mentally. I didn’t lag physically, but it was a challenge. I think perhaps because sleep hasn’t been good. Up and down the Mission Creek drainage area of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. The steep climbs then down into these beautiful little sections of lovely greens , because of a water … I have become so grateful for water . We are used to having it at our fingertips , and often times take it for granted.
It is easy to be in the moment while walking the trail. I must watch my every step. I listen to the birds, and the possible stream flowing by. I inhale the scents of sage, lavender, and various other lovely scents of the trail . I wish for a breeze and it blows through my hair . I stop . I look in wonder at the beauty that surrounds me. And then , I smile.
I experienced such gratitude for life. For everything that has transpired in my life to bring me here, to this trail. I was chatting with Willow as we were walking. She was commenting on my speed downhill . Such a beautiful memory awakened of a time very long ago . Michael and I getting married on MtHood . He went up very early to run the mountain. I looked up to see his grace and ownership of that mountain trail as he wound his way down. I commented on how beautiful he looked. He called it ,”running with wreck less abandon .” The memory brought tears, then gratitude. For without all that has transpired in my life I wouldn’t be here, now.
As we completed the mileage of this part if section C , Spirit, Atlas and I were greeted at the trailhead by Honey and the Bear. Lovely trail angels from Maine. They host hikers on the AT. They were on a road trip stopping at trailheads along the PCT offering rides to hikers into town. They gave us a ride into Big Bear. They had only been married for 20 years. They were in their 70’s. Honey said she found Bear in the woods. Their love for each other was so evident. Blessed be the love.
We will take a zero here . Good for me as my knee is swollen and sore. I will ice it as much as possible before we head back out…next week we will head for kick- off.
I walk on, with love.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude Revisited

  1. With the trail losing Tumbleweed and Willow and maybe Pink Panther, I send you even stronger vibes to continue to find the strength and motivation to conquer each step. I know WhyNot is a powerful force and will do her best to keep the mojo going.

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