300 miles by 3 weeks !!



We began walking 3 weeks ago. Today we hit 342 miles. We now have 3 days off in which we will spend it at kick- off. I am so looking forward to meeting the other thru-hikers and getting to know the past hikers who have provided me with a wealth of knowledge regarding the trail !
It has been amazing journey. The trail keeps getting better. My body keeps getting stronger. The chatter in my mind is diminishing. The bonds I am making with other hikers will last a lifetime. What a journey.
This last section was tough. But, not as tough as I anticipated . I love how with each turn of the trail something new awaits my senses. Whether it be a rock formation resembling a frog, a cottontail bunny hoping across the trail, the scents of the vast array of wildflowers or the expansive views in every direction. The trail provides in every way. For me it is magic.
My toe got a little worse. I decided on our zero in Big Bear that I would visit the doctor and also ask him to check my knee. I got a ride. I waited for 45 minutes to see the doctor. He came in and went right back out to chat with his friends. A young man, this doctor, I am sure just out of medical school. He returned with a big long needle and a scalpel. Yikes. The needle hurt like hell. Then he proceeded to lance the toe. It wasn’t pretty. He had me apply pressure to the bleeding and said his assistant would return to dress it. I said,” wait my knee!” He felt it, said” it’s not hot, no worries.” He was gone!!!
Today the toe is healing. My knee hurts quite badly on the downhills but beyond that….all is well!
We have been doing a number of twenty mile days. It feels good. The exhaustion at days end is good for me.
We have been hiking and just finished Section C. At one point we were walking thru a burn area, for quite a number of miles. These areas provide me with such hope for renewal and life. The charred remains of a fir tree surrounded by beautiful array of green shrubs and a kaleidoscope of colors of wildflowers.
We formulate our days mileage based on water availability and elevation . It determines what we well be doing for the day. It’s interesting. The whole water issue . I have found myself very thirsty at times. I am learning to drink at water sources along long with filling my bottles.
Some days I am hungry. Other days not so . I try and force myself to eat at times. Already I am tired of Pro-bars, which I thought would be a staple. I am craving caffeine, but because I don’t have a stove I can’t have hot coffee. I did
find a solution though. Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup sprinkled with a package if Starbucks VIA . Instant gratification!
Our group is slowly diminishing . We lost a few from day one as our pace was much quicker than theirs. We lost sweet Willow as she missed her family too much . Mumbles has finished his hike as he only planned on hiking until kick- off. We will miss him . He was a joy to have around. As of now our group consists of Astro, PocoLoco, WhyNot, Spirit, and myself!!
The ever changing nature of this walk
fills my heart with joy. The challenges continue . When I think I can’t take another step. I do.
With love
I walk on



2 thoughts on “300 miles by 3 weeks !!

  1. Grasshopper! So glad your toe and knee are beginning to heal and you saw a Doc. Dan and I are heading to Kick-off and hope to see you all there. Thank you for your posts.

    1. mojubee

      Thanks darlin!! I can’t believe you are coming down. It us raining like crazy!!thank you for your support my friend! We look forward to seeing you

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