on the trail again

After spending the weekend at Kick-Off we are back on trail!! It feels so right!
Kick-off is a gathering at Lake Morena, twenty miles from the border. We got a ride down there from mile 342, El Cajon Pass. Mumbles wife rented a van and gave us all a ride back to the border. It was a long trip as we had two stops to make along the way. The journey took us 7 hours. We pulled into Lake Morena and it was dark. We checked in and found our campsite, set up our tents and went to sleep.
It was a great weekend. We went to lectures ranging in topics from water and fire reports to over use injuries and flora of the trail. We had community dinners. I met some cool people. Teddi Boston was the first woman to hike the PCT solo. She is such a joy and inspiration. I also met Billy Goat. A PCT legend ! He has had I believe six major surgeries this past year. He still made it to kick off. He refers to the trail as home!!
After three days hanging out, we found our way back to the trail. Our groups is now five. WhyNot?!, PocoLoco , Spirit , Atlas, and I . We make a good team.
I love walking the trail looking back at where we have been, and looking ahead at where we are going. It’s so peaceful allowing for contemplation whenever needed.
We have a 17 mile waterless stretch tomorrow. We are carrying 3 liters each. The weather isn’t too hot though so we should be fine.
The trail today was short. We didn’t start until noon. We started hiking and wound our way away from El Cajon paralleling the San Andreas fault. We climbed up 3000 feet. It was a mellow climb though .
It is interesting . I feel like now , we are really hiking the PCT. We aren’t getting off for any reason , planned anyway! This is it. We are walking to Canada. What an amazing feeling!
Our campsite on the top of a mountain …we are looking out a Mt Baden Powell , which we will climb in a couple of days. Peaceful , easy feeling.
I was asked recently if I was trying to find myself.”I thought before answering. I am here, I am walking because I am living a dream of following through with a passion. A passion of living life to the fullest. A passion of learning how to live a life well. I have left fears and insecurities behind. I want to be an inspiration to others. I met a young woman in facebook recently. She sent me a message and said how inspired she was seeing older women on the trail . While at Kick-Off a young woman approached me. She said, “laura?” She gave me a big hug and said how happy she was to meet me and my friends. She said after hiking last year and not seeing any older women on the trail she feared as she aged she may not be able to hike, but after meeting us, she was inspired.
My dream in life is to inspire others. To send a message that reaching for dreams and doing the unthinkable , are possible. That because hardships, enter our life doesn’t mean we need to be stuck in our story. We can break free. We can be happy again. We can smile and laugh and love.
I walk on
With love…..p




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