Embracing the Wind


What a fabulous day!! I found myself embracing the wind and all she delivered. It was cold. It was full of energy . We climbed to the top of Mt Baden Powell. It was our biggest climb yet on the PCT. I felt it with every muscle of my body. I felt it in the emotional center of my heart. It was strenuous and I loved it!
I wanted to share with you my tribe .The Red Road Rodents and the exterminator .
Atlas is a 28 year old. He is from North Carolina. He was working for Habitat for Humanity. He decided he wanted to hike the PCT about two years ago. We met him while hiking with the Mt Diablo group. He is the lone guy in our group. We call him the Exterminator. It is so much fun to have him around.He is the kind of guy you would like your daughter to bring home ( if she didn’t already have a guy !)
Spirit comes most recently from Portland. We met her on day one. She was lying on a rock and resting after the climb out of Hauser Canyon. Her boyfriend , whom we gave the trail name of TAJ, trail angel Justin. He would bring us snacks and beers when we arrived at campsites. Spirit is a sweet soul. She is 29 years old. She brings a youthful energy to our group. Poco Loco is from Napa. She is so funny. She makes everybody smile. Always thinking about others, often putting others ahead of herself. WhyNot?! is the experienced hiker of our group. She is a triple crowner . She has hiked the PCT, the AT, and the CDT. She was only going to hike with us for a few weeks. We knew she would decide to spend the next 5 months with us. She shares immense amounts of trail knowledge with us.
I am Grasshopper, on a continual journey of living my life to my utmost potential. Yearning to inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem.
The Red Road Rodents were formed last November when WhyNot?!, PocoLoco and I backpacked into Joshua Tree. It was our first trail experience together . We were stoked!
We spent last night at Little Jimmy Spring. One other camper shared our site. He said he was a green beret and took others on outings into the wilderness. His name was Machete. He wanted to start a campfire. He said he would watch it with all his water next to him in case he needed it. I awoke around eleven. The fire had started up as the winds raged through our campground . I got up and covered it with stones . I am so grateful I woke up . Who knows what could have happened if I didn’t wake up.
I recognized how intricate the patterns in life are woven together . As the winds came howling into our campground and I burrowed deeply into my sleeping bag I realized the song of the wind was the same song I hear the ocean sing as I am lying at the point on Napili when the oceans energy is at its highest. The ebb and flow of the winds, the ocean and of my life, in constant motion, in constant change, and I am learning to flow with the current.
The walk today was long. The miles walked seemed very slow. The winds taking control of the speed with which we maneuvered the wilderness trails. We were fighting at least 60 mph winds climbing a mountain. At times we needed to stop and bear down so as not to be swayed off the trail and over the cliff. It was exhausting. It was very slow moving. But, I loved it. The elements of nature once again letting me know I am alive .
I walk on
With love



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