False Summits



Today we left Agua Dulce, home of the most loved trail angel Donna Saufley. To my dismay however, she was not here. Her son was getting married in Carmel. I was bummed, however the spirit and energy of this woman permeated the essence of her open home.
We spent a zero here . I tried to get some rest . I have not been able to sleep well because of knee pain .I spent the day preparing my food for the next five days, updating my blog and pictures, and resting my body .
I found it hard. I wanted to be on the trail . But honestly , truly I needed the day off .
While kicking back on the patio , drinking a beer and chatting with other hikers , I heard someone down by the tents yelling frantically at someone , or some thing. I walked down to my tent and Spirit was laughing trying to share a story with me…she said one of the horses which was in the coral right next to our
tent, had reached under the tent and grabbed my backpack and was preparing to take it away. I think the horse wanted to use my pack as a salt lick… It was full of salt from the sweat off my body the day before !!!
We left at6 am . We were prepared for an early 2000 foot climb. It was to be spread over 8 miles so it was no big deal . It was an easy climb. I was struck by many things as we were climbing . As we rounded each switchback in the trail I thought to myself .. Have we not hit the top yet ? It must be around the next bend . We have been climbing for so long. It must be the top.
I thought of how many times in life we are dealing with situations where the end is never in sight . Where the climb just keeps getting tougher with no respite . I thought of situations in life where the bad just seemed to keep piling up . Right when I thought it was going to get easier yet another switchback ,or another roadblock or another unresolved issue placed right in front of me .
What I realized today is that there is always a top to the mountain. Always an end to the roadblocks, always a light at the end of the tunnel . If we can only remember this. If we can only accept that there are and will be false summits . If we can only accept that it will get easier, evening in the bleakest of circumstances .
We hiked 24 miles today to the infamous. Casa de Luna. It’s a crazy kind of place . I don’t think I like it all that much , yet the camping is quite sweet . There were probably 25 of us . Terri Anderson made her famous taco salad. We drank beer, ate and laughed. I went to bed early as I was so freezing. I was actually shaking. Once I snuggled deep inside my bag
the shaking dissipated.
We got a late start as Terri made pancakes for breakfast. Because of the Powerhouse fire we had a detour. A twenty mile road walk . It was a very long, cold road walk. The body , especially the knees and feet are whipped. We arrived at Hiker Town tired , sore and hungry.
There are 10 of us here for the night. Preparing for the LA Aquaduct walk and the Mojave desert.
Life is full of challenges. Remembering that life is about change, is what is important. Weathering the storms, believing it will abate and it will get easier is what we must do . Embracing the difficult will make the easy,the light , so much brighter.
I walk on
With love


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3 thoughts on “False Summits

  1. Randy

    “Salt Lick”….great trail name. I’ll have to remember that one. And, wonderful words Grasshopper..so true about false summits and other life trials.
    I hiked Section F a few days ago. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Piute Mtns in the past. Better miles ahead, for you…..false summits and all.

  2. I remember the first time we chatted in the PCT group 7 months ago or so, and seeing you were close to Kim & Lindsay (what are the odds!?) After hearing how highly they spoke of you I knew you were going to do great things Laura! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being an inspiration, as a PCT group friend, and someone who my true friends love. So thankful the universe crossed our paths!

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