Challenges on the trail and Gratitude




We left Hiker Town prepared for the LA Aquaduct and the beginning of the Mojave Desert. We were blessed with a temperature of only 54 degrees. I can’t imagine starting out at 100. It is not all that unusual.
My head started playing games with me during this section. I walked solo for most of the 24 miles. I walked along a dirt road that for the most part followed the Aquaduct . As the day went on the sun became warmer and the winds became stronger. But, it wasn’t that hot. However , I struggled . I am not all that sure what thoughts were strolling through my awareness, but I did know, I wanted to stop, many times. Each times I rounded a bend in the road and the road extended as far as my eye could see, my heart would sink . I even called a man I recently met in Santa Cruz in hopes he could inspire me. In hopes he could talk about the cool ocean breeze and the sound of the oceans energy. He wasn’t home. I needed to face this day alone.
One thing that was interesting as I was walking along the Aquaduct. I was thinking how many times I have been searching for something. , and that thing was right before my eyes . Possibly out of reach, but there none the less. Like the water flowing through the Aquaduct . It was there , but not available, no matter how thirsty I may be.
We camped for the evening along a water source. I was exhausted . I ate. I got into my bag at 6:30. The winds were fierce all night long. I however burrowed myself down into my bag and felt sheltered from its intensity.
I awoke early and started hiking at 5:45. It wasn’t a good start for me. My stomach was unsettled and my energy was waning with every step. I struggled for the second day in a row. The 2000 foot climb was intense , however with the early start it wasn’t bad . As I rounded a bend over the crest an oasis greeted me. Chairs set up under the shade with weather. WhyNot?! was there totally relaxed. I let out the deepest sigh of gratitude , sat, drank, ate and regained my hiker stoke. Leaving the fabulous cache the trail wound through an old burn. Luscious flowers lined the hillsides, purples of all shades , sunshine yellows and pale shades of white. I was instantly smiling. I felt so happy. One thing that crossed my mind. I needed , for the past two days, an outside stimulus to create happiness or positive frame of mind. I couldn’t find it within. Once I realized this I tried to see what brought a sense of contentment within. I realized it is gratitude. When I think of all that I am grateful for, I instantly come to a place of complete satisfaction. I don’t crave outside stimulus, I realize I can create that peace, that joy myself ! What a wonderful feeling this awareness brought to be. The flowers , the mountains , the crows gliding above were all extra .
We hiked 24 miles today. It has been a trying 2 days. My feet, my knees , my mind are looking forward to this break in Tehachapi.Lying on the bed in the Best Western trying to garner up strength to walk 2 blocks for dinner.
This is a good life. I am blessed .
I walk on
With love







5 thoughts on “Challenges on the trail and Gratitude

  1. Rock N Roll! It is about the Journey, not really the destination….when you look to far ahead or look back for to long your missing out on the Gifts of today…. that is why it is called the present…..Be careful Kangi…..look to the crows….

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