awaiting the call of the mountains


A storm of significant energy has descended upon the southern sierras.
Earlier this year as I was preparing for my walk from Canada to Mexico I didn’t too seriously consider the possibility of a snowy trek through the sierras. It seems as though nature, as is her nature decided to add a little excitement to our journey.
We are kicking back in Lone Pine awaiting the call back up the mountain . For now, we must wait.
It is hard to sit, and wait. It is hard to contemplate and discuss our options. It seems to build the fear factor. But perhaps it isn’t fear, but respect. Respect for the reality of this situation . It can be dangerous up there if we venture out to early. It is so important to practice patience. We have been listening to stories of friends who did go forward and attempt Mt. Whitney and Forrester. It wasn’t easy. It was cold . Ed snuggled at night with whomever he could as he couldn’t get warm. Milestone and Charlie Dayhiker post holed for hours. They said , ” don’t do what we did . ”
Chinese Rock, Barrel and Mellow haven’t been heard from. Beowulf said the visibility at times was minimal. Nature is asking us to wait. We are listening. We are not in a hurry . It is the price we pay for getting an early start. Our team is flexible, this is one of our greatest assets.
Kicking back in the lobby of the Dow Villa listening to the younger hikers planning their exit out of town, worrying they may be too anxious to get out there.
Deep sigh escapes. Such is life. If we push to hard, if we go against the flow, if we try to make it happen, whatever it is, before it is supposed to happen, it may be detrimental. Patience has always been a trait I struggle with. I don’t think I am selfish. I don’t think it’s all about me. I think it goes back to a time in my life when I felt I wasn’t heard. As a result , sometimes I speak too loud, sometimes I want it to go my way. I am trying to let go of that.
We have been in town now for 2 nights. We will most likely be here for 2 more. I am re-energizing. I am gaining confidence. I am fueling my body. I am practicing patience.
We await, the call of the mountain..
Only then, will I walk on…


2 thoughts on “awaiting the call of the mountains

  1. Rachel Wedeen

    L: Take it all in and take your time. Nothing like a snow storm in the High Sierras. Been there…hail, etc etc Sending lots of warmth and oodles of admiration…. Hugs Rachel

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