It’s time to go!!!!


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail .” Emerson
We resume our adventure today.
After four long days in the sleepy little town of Lone Pine, which lies at the base of the eastern side of the Sierra, we will camp tonight at the trailhead , and begin the journey into the mountains. The storm has subsided.
We are ready, both physically and mentally to wander into the snow covered mountains where trails have been covered by snow . We will likely follow the footsteps of those who went out yesterday.
Last summer I followed the JMT through these same mountains. Of course it will be quite different this time. It will be cold. The trail may be non – existent , the passes may be slippery and wet. We will likely post- hole. It will be exhilarating , and I am ready.These mountains fill me with life. They fill me with hope and joy and peace. As my dear friend Tom said to me, “It’s like coming home .”
I think the quote by Emerson applies to my life. I am not following a trail that has been set forth by another . My life , especially these past ten years has been about making my own way. Finding my way through the maze that is life. I am learning as I go. I am beginning to see what it is I am striving for on many different levels. Going into these mountains propel me along this path, I am creating. The lessons I am learning are helping me define what I want my life to be.
Gazing up at the mountain range while sitting on this couch, in this hotel lobby that reeks of various smells I can’t define, I long to breathe in the fresh air the mountains exude. Although I am grateful for the time we spent here. It was necessary. It wasn’t safe, to walk into the heart of the storm.
A few clouds linger over the mountains today. A light breeze flows down Main Street . The sun shines brightly. It’s time.
“The mountains are calling, I heed their call….”
I walk on
With love



3 thoughts on “It’s time to go!!!!

  1. The wisdom of your group, the truth of your fortune, the shared experiences will serve you well. You all will be in my thoughts as you go forth and conquer the next step of this great adventure.

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