she knew she could fly…

20140407-164813.jpgthe two lane road…..

was paved with stories of her past

that dotted white line…went on as far as she could see
as the tears began to flow
she felt a space being created
like the hollowing out of an endless chalice
she realized all the potential that lay ahead
heart pulsating with the raw undeveloped energy of a life yearning to be lived
she felt as if the veil had lifted
and the cage doors open wide
wider than ever before
and then she knew….she could fly
as the doors shut behind her
she turned with arms wide open
heart exposed like the opening of the lotus
and she was ready to live the life enfolding in front of her…
she had met life on life’s terms….and understood what it meant
for the first time…

it was time to let new stories evolve…

the mountains reaching for the stars….

surrounded her like a cocoon
and the warmth of the hues in the changing colors on the lowlands
enveloped her
she felt accepted, loved and a part of the ever-changing palate
the emerging seasons before her
reminiscent of her life
forever evolving
forever transforming
forever with love.

i am wondering if you are interested in my journey…you know i was forced off the trail….but i followed a different path…if you would like me to continue this blog…please let me know

inhale this

19 thoughts on “she knew she could fly…

  1. Diana Treter

    Dear Laura,

    Please do not stop sending your blog! Doug and I read them with wonder and ah. We cannot believe what you have done and learned about yourself. Much of what you have written has made think about my own life. Love Diana

  2. Rhonda Voos

    Grasshopper, I am living vicariously through you. Your travels have been amazing. I also find myself called to the mountains and to hiking. You made a connection with my daughter, Spirit, on the PCT. You set her on an amazing path. Don’t stop blogging! You are a beautiful writer.
    Rhonda Voos

  3. Susannah

    Thank you for sharing, your heart-and spirit-unfolding. Your path is yours alone, but shared, it’s touching all of those who will allow their pure hearts to be as fearless as yours.

    Allow your endless, natural predilection towards Joy to power your Journey, so you will rendezvous with Wonder. Namaste!

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