fragile interlude

our eyes connected from afar
as if we knew each other from another time
the sequoias towering above
stood witness to the instantaneous
born between myself and the young buck with the broker antler

perhaps it was the fragility of our bodies
an inner knowing between like souls
that what once was
was no more

as the trail meandered down the mountain
weaving amongst the large granite boulders
and the swift flowing river
i walked
pensively and shattered
trying to keep my sorrow
to myself
holding it within
like a long lost friend

i glanced up
from my intense concentration on each and every step
the young buck
was waiting for me
my heart filled with joyful tears and recognition
as i realized with a deep soul awareness
that he was going to escort me down the mountain

with each new step
a tear would fall
and nourish the earth….the tears forming
both from the excruciating pain within
and for the gratitude i felt for my new friend

i was truly humbled by his grace
and his willingness
to take me home

a profound connection was cultivated
at that moment
i knew not who sent him to me
but i didnt need to know
i helped him a little as well
giving a purpose to that one rare moment
in his life
where he felt like he mattered
despite his fragmented antler

but then isn’t it something
we all need
to feel like we matter…

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