“in every living thing there is a desire for love, for the relationship of unison with the rest of things.” DH Lawrence

My body screamed no. My heart pleaded yes. The struggle continued for seven miles. Seven miles from where I slept until the trail forked. The point at which my body won. My heart lost the battle. The realization of how little control I had settled into my being. I walked off the trail in silent pain and fear for what was to come.
Today, I begin a new journey. My body has healed to a point, after eight very long months, that it is no longer screaming in pain. A gentle acceptance of the non-perfection of my body has settled within. Our walk , our journey begins today. This morning I will pick-up my hiking partner Whynot?!. Our first destination is Mammoth where we will delight in the hot springs, hopefully meeting up with some friends. On to Bishop where we will meet Kirby, TAJ, and Atlas. We drive into the depths of Death Valley on Monday. Our first destination is Eureka Dunes where we will be witness to the full moon rising over the Valley. From there we will base camp and day hike for 2-4 weeks, having a number of different base camps within the valley. My intention is to bring you along…sharing the insights and magic that the desert provides.
In retrospect, there was a gift, as there often is in what seems at the time despair, or pain. As I was hiking out over Bishop Pass I met a man. A kindred soul he was. We chatted for quite awhile. He could feel my pain. He could see my tears. He said that life has a way of taking us from one thing to deliver us to another. “Something beautiful, something you never expected will happen”, he said to me. It did. Magic happened. I met my wild soul on a road trip thru the Pacific Northwest into Montana and Wyoming. I woke up. I realized I was living with one eye open and one eye closed. I fell in love with life again. Everything bloomed before my eyes. I fell in love with love and everything surrounding it.
I walk on…..

12 thoughts on ““in every living thing there is a desire for love, for the relationship of unison with the rest of things.” DH Lawrence

  1. Rhonda Voos

    Hi Laura. This is Kirby’s mom. So glad you are meeting her in DV. Look foraard to hearing about the experience. I want to hear more about the hot springs in Mammoth. I will be Yosemite in June and want to head over that way after we are in Tuolumne Meadows. If you have any suggestions on where to stay that would great too. As the Navajo say, Walk in beauty.

  2. Randy "Sage" Welch

    It’s great to see you express such happiness Grasshopper! Are all five of you headed to DV? If so, say happy trails to all.
    It’s a great I me to be there.

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