“people say we are seeking a meaning for life…i don’t think that is what we are really seeking…i believe we are seeking the experience of being alive…” joseph campbell


Our desert experience was slowly coming to an end. Ibex Dunes was the most beautiful ending to our amazing adventure into the inner landscapes of Death Valley. There were many things about the desert that captivated me and gave me reason to pause and contemplate. One of the many awarenesses I had out there was the amazing ability of life in the desert to thrive regardless of how little it had. Its resilience in the face of seemingly stark circumstances. When the tiny desert five spot receives the most minute bit of moisture from the atmosphere its sweet flower blooms. The yellow flower of the Creosote bush comes to life …with a slight sprinkling of rain. There is a fish…(I have forgotten its name)…that when the water dries up..it does as well. And when the rain returns…that little fish fluffs up and resumes life. Wow! Resilience…I can relate to this. I often wonder about the pain that so often invades my body. I think perhaps we have gotten weak. I think perhaps we can learn from the desert five spot. We don’t need that much. If we don’t get what we think we need…try to get by. We might just surprise ourselves. In relation to my body pain. It has been speculated by some in the alternative community that body pain may come from a deeper source. Perhaps pain from the heart. SO if I can learn to be in the moment.To love with arms wide open. To toss fear to the wayside. To believe in the greater purpose…. then perhaps the intensity of my body pain will subside.
P1010229 Beautiful color adorned this section of the desert. The smallest of rocks looking like they were hand painted in sky blues and purples…blood oranges and pinks. Absolutely breathtaking and awe inspiring. How does this happen? How do the tiniest of rocks look to be hand painted? Knowing they weren’t led more to the mystery.
We hiked up into an old mining town, and the mine where they recovered talc. We found beautiful carvings in talc…one especially I loved shaped like a dove.

P1010094I received a message from a person I know in Santa Cruz. He told me my dearest friend was having some major difficulties with his illness. However, he didnt know what exactly was going on. I lost connection. I was afraid for Joey and what was going on. That night I awoke with a tear running down my face. I closed my eyes and asked the universe if I should come home. Upon opening my eyes a star streaked across the sky. I knew my desert trip was over and I must make my way back to Santa Cruz.
I am so grateful to my friends TAJ and Kirby for taking Whynot?!, Atlas and I into their secret haven..the desert. I will go back…again and again. It spoke to me. I listened. I learned.
P1000577 And…I will walk on
With love

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