“never stop exploring…” North Face

 I recently received a message from a friend. His trail name is Phantom. I met him on the Pacific Crest Trail last year. He suggested I change my trail name from a Grasshopper to North Face, because I am always on another adventure, always exploring.

We awoke to beautiful blue skies coupled with a radiant sun. The waters calm and inviting. After spending the day prior landlocked due to turbulent winds and wild waters we were ready to move on.

 It was a glorious day. We explored little coves. The waters of Lake Tahoe glistened as though diamonds were scattered about. The delicious tones of blues and greens beckoned me to ease overboard numerous times to let the waters sooth my overheated body and aching back.

We chose to paddle point to point on many occasions . The water levels were so low that shoreline travel in many places was impossible. We decided that when the lake regained her water levels that we would travel the full perimeter and paddle the whole shoreline.

Tahoe City was our destination. It was a very long day. We covered close to 28 miles. There were no hideaway spots on the north shore. We pulled into the coast guard station and camped on picnic tables as the ground was un-inviting. It was a very noisy , bright night. Neither one of us slept well. I awoke early and prepared coffe from the warmth of my sleeping bag. It was the chilliest morning yet.

We got on the water early and made straight for the Bridge Tender where Michael knew we could get capucchino’s. They hit the spot and we were on our way to Sugar Pine Point.It was a tough day. We were both still tired from the previous day and the sun was beating down intensely.To our great surprise a spectacular campsite awaited us.

 We found a large heart shaped rock in the water. We camped right on top of that rock. The evening was everything dreams are made of. Stars twinkling, light breezes blowing, water gently lapping against the shore. We nestled together and watched the evening display of magic.

We spent our last evening in Emerald  Bay and once again felt shipwrecked on a desert island . It was a bit noisy though with boats cruising into the bay .

 The sun woke us early as we began our last paddle towards our starting point at Nevada Beach. We were both exhausted yet invigorated at what we had just accomplished. It was an exciting , adventurous journey !!

As is life. An adventure. An exploration . It all depends on how we approach each and every morning . It’s how we look at and proceed thru each moment . I thoroughly believe I have lived the majority of my life as though it were a wild , glorious ride. I think I understood and embraced the concept of impermanence at an early age. I have lived deeply . I understand that all of it is a part of our time here .

 I love my life and live with passion …

I wander on…with love

once a water girl….

  Always a water girl…

As a young girl I swam competitively for about ten years. I ventured into the ocean and began surfing at age forty. Now, I find myself entranced with water again. Kayaking this lake is an adventure that speaks to the very essence of me.

The ever changing nature of water entrances me. Couple that with Mother Nature herself and life takes on new meanings. 



 We spent the day kayaking along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Numerous houses lined the shore. The tranquil tropical like waters beckoned us forward. 

We settled for the night in a sweet cove called Skunk Harbor. We shared the beach with a few day trippers. Once they left we were like Gilligan and Mary Ann.



 The evening skies inundated with millions of stars. Some of which fell before our eyes and the silly people we are it tickled us immensely. The water eventually became as silent as the trees and midnight skies. We were entranced with the silence.

We had reviewed the weather report and high wind advisories were posted. We had decided to get an early start to try and beat the winds . Upon arising however, we chose to enjoy the moments and took our sweet time getting back on the water.



 It was a gorgeous morning . The water a sheet of glass . A wide array of blues and greens making me wonder where I was. It felt so tropical. The beautiful thing about this section is that there were no houses. Only the wildness that resides here in the mountains. We stopped at a few deserted beaches and relished in the solitude.

About one hour into our paddle we looked out to see a dark blue strip across the length of the lake. The winds. They were coming fast! It was so exciting for me to watch the change that took place in the waters. White caps, rollers a couple feet high, the smooth glass replaced by turbulent waters.

  We were lucky to be near Chimney Beach where we are now waiting out the wind. Chances are we won’t be back on the water though until tomorrow. No worries . No hurry. The mountain sunshine is intense and warming.

Feeling blessed. Feeling loved.

We kayak on…


our adventure on the water trail begins…

    I have wandered for what seems like forever. Now, I am home and I have realized my concept of home has changed. Home is a matter of the heart. The place where one is free to be as they choose with no fences to close one in. The only boundaries are the ones one places upon themself. Home is that place of connection both within and without. And mostly, home is that place where one feels so loved and a part of something much bigger. For me, I have dreamt and prayed for this place for such a very long time. I am there.

  It is fall. The foliage is changing and before me is a palette of oranges,yellows,reds and greens. Sunsets continue to amaze me and fill me with awe. The air is clear , cool and refreshing. Tourists have gone home. And I , I have come home, and it is truly magical.

  We begin our last adventure of the summer tomorrow morning! We loaded and un-loaded the kayaks today and we are set to roll. We will launch our Hobie Kayaks at Nevada Beach tomorrow morning at 10:00. The weather is predicted to be sunny with no chance of rain! The water trail will take us counter clockwise around the lake. Our plan is to cut-off the bay’s as the shores are lined with houses. We will camp under the stars at night.

The journey should take 5-6 days as long as the weather stays friendly! Our intention is to travel 10-12 miles a day.  We have packed all our provisions, however we are able to dock if we run out of things.

Since my injury on the Pacific Crest Trail I have been unable to walk the long trails. At first I was devastated. But since I have met Michael, the adventure never stops. This summer has been full of exciting and new hiking trails, mountain biking and kayak camping. We have bagged a number of peaks and hope to get up Mt Tallac before the snow falls.

  Please follow me on our trip around the lake…It should be awesome! 

 as always…with love