our adventure on the water trail begins…

    I have wandered for what seems like forever. Now, I am home and I have realized my concept of home has changed. Home is a matter of the heart. The place where one is free to be as they choose with no fences to close one in. The only boundaries are the ones one places upon themself. Home is that place of connection both within and without. And mostly, home is that place where one feels so loved and a part of something much bigger. For me, I have dreamt and prayed for this place for such a very long time. I am there.

  It is fall. The foliage is changing and before me is a palette of oranges,yellows,reds and greens. Sunsets continue to amaze me and fill me with awe. The air is clear , cool and refreshing. Tourists have gone home. And I , I have come home, and it is truly magical.

  We begin our last adventure of the summer tomorrow morning! We loaded and un-loaded the kayaks today and we are set to roll. We will launch our Hobie Kayaks at Nevada Beach tomorrow morning at 10:00. The weather is predicted to be sunny with no chance of rain! The water trail will take us counter clockwise around the lake. Our plan is to cut-off the bay’s as the shores are lined with houses. We will camp under the stars at night.

The journey should take 5-6 days as long as the weather stays friendly! Our intention is to travel 10-12 miles a day.  We have packed all our provisions, however we are able to dock if we run out of things.

Since my injury on the Pacific Crest Trail I have been unable to walk the long trails. At first I was devastated. But since I have met Michael, the adventure never stops. This summer has been full of exciting and new hiking trails, mountain biking and kayak camping. We have bagged a number of peaks and hope to get up Mt Tallac before the snow falls.

  Please follow me on our trip around the lake…It should be awesome! 

 as always…with love

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