once a water girl….

  Always a water girl…

As a young girl I swam competitively for about ten years. I ventured into the ocean and began surfing at age forty. Now, I find myself entranced with water again. Kayaking this lake is an adventure that speaks to the very essence of me.

The ever changing nature of water entrances me. Couple that with Mother Nature herself and life takes on new meanings. 



 We spent the day kayaking along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Numerous houses lined the shore. The tranquil tropical like waters beckoned us forward. 

We settled for the night in a sweet cove called Skunk Harbor. We shared the beach with a few day trippers. Once they left we were like Gilligan and Mary Ann.



 The evening skies inundated with millions of stars. Some of which fell before our eyes and the silly people we are it tickled us immensely. The water eventually became as silent as the trees and midnight skies. We were entranced with the silence.

We had reviewed the weather report and high wind advisories were posted. We had decided to get an early start to try and beat the winds . Upon arising however, we chose to enjoy the moments and took our sweet time getting back on the water.



 It was a gorgeous morning . The water a sheet of glass . A wide array of blues and greens making me wonder where I was. It felt so tropical. The beautiful thing about this section is that there were no houses. Only the wildness that resides here in the mountains. We stopped at a few deserted beaches and relished in the solitude.

About one hour into our paddle we looked out to see a dark blue strip across the length of the lake. The winds. They were coming fast! It was so exciting for me to watch the change that took place in the waters. White caps, rollers a couple feet high, the smooth glass replaced by turbulent waters.

  We were lucky to be near Chimney Beach where we are now waiting out the wind. Chances are we won’t be back on the water though until tomorrow. No worries . No hurry. The mountain sunshine is intense and warming.

Feeling blessed. Feeling loved.

We kayak on…


One thought on “once a water girl….

  1. Erica

    I raced Hawaiian outrigger canoes on Lake Tahoe several times. One time, the winds and weather were such that we basically surfed Lake Tahoe. Our downhill run was one long wave home. It was crazy good fun.

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