Arizona Trail Re-Visited

Our lives are such a beautiful tapestry woven with the exquisite threads of our experience, our connections and our love.

 I had to break a promise to the most important two beings in my life. I promised Nicole and Chrissy I would not attempt a desert hike solo again. Yet, I will be starting this trail once again ,solo . 

There is something about being out there and connecting with the source, the spirit ,and  life. Sometimes it’s hard to do in the presence of others . Occasionally we are blessed to find that one person we can be with , whereby silence can be … but I find it rare to find people like that . 

When Chrissy was but 5 years old she wanted to learn rock climbing . We went to the climbing gym. She climbed to the top of the ABC wall. Once reaching the top , she refused to come down . It took a lot of time and she finally descended in absolute fear as tears were falling down her little face. She looked up at the wall and proclaimed , ” I want to do it again.” 

A few years ago , Nicole became very severely ill after swimming in an alpine lake. She was rushed to the hospital via ambulance as her core temp continued to drop. They told her it was an allergic reaction to cold water. A few months later, she dove into the ocean.

I attempted this trail last year. My mind, body and soul were in turmoil. I should not have begun such a trail in that state , much less start it at the end of the season when temperatures were soaring, water was scarce and very few people on the trail.

Today I am strong after a year full of adventure, backpacking, mountain biking and kayak camping. I have spent many hours talking with a man,I will call him an eco – therapist. He has taught and coached me thru some things using nature as my source of healing . My heart though confused is strong . Strong in the conviction that life is a glorious journey , and not a moment shall I sit idle anymore. My wild soul is alive .

So, as I apologized to my daughters, I knew they could relate . We must face our fears and we must if the spirit calls push beyond our comfort zones and live big.

I begin the trail this weekend. I invite you to follow me. I will be blogging, videoing to Facebook and posting to my hiking Facebook page , Spirit of Adventure. I welcome from the depths of my heart words of encouragement . 

As always

I walk on… with love