following the path less traveled



a constant flow. as a river. never knowing what lies around the next bend. navigating the constant change, embracing every moment in the knowing it will never be the same, as one moment flows into the next.

i am learning to invite the unknowing , never expecting, simply allowing my heart and mind to remain curious, in awe of the journey.

since i last posted , life has turned upside down. although i have landed safely, this past year has been a bit tumultuous. i have weathered the multiple storms and even though i am not standing where i dreamed i would be standing a year ago, my heart is open to this new chapter.

i invite you to follow me once again as i prepare for a life on the road. searching out new adventures. meeting new people. immersing into my newest passion, photography and perhaps finding new love.

the next months will involve the route planning as well as the designing of my new home, a mercedes sprinter 4×4 van. the van should arrive via ship any day. in august, freedom vans in bellingham, washington will be doing the conversion, creating my home on wheels.

to say i am excited is an understatement. i have always been a wanderer, a gypsy of sorts. when i was a young child , around 5 years of age i left home for the first time. i lay a towel upon the floor, packed some clothes and a snack, stuck a stick into it to create a hobo pack, told my parents i was leaving and away i walked. i am still doing that today. but what i realized is that i am not running away from, simply running towards life.

i enjoy sleeping under the stars, watching the sunset and rise again the next morning. the freedom of open space is such a magnet for me. i find myself feeling claustrophobic inside the 4 walls of a house , in a neighborhood, with all the noise and insignificant chatter. i delight in the sounds of the wyld. the birds song in the early mornings and the coyotes lullabies at night. i feel less alone immersed in the outdoors than i do inside.

i am captivated by the unknown , similar to the small child giggling with delight at the simplest of moments. the way the suns rays filter thru the trees in the dawn of a new day fill me with hope for all life. our world is struggling, both human and non human life. my journey will be one of deep immersion into the magic and mystery which lay before me.

if you wish, follow my journey. feel welcome to comment on places you love, which i may want to explore myself. i look forward to meeting you out there as i wander embracing the path.

with so much love

i walk on